Why join a hirmaa fund?

Why you should join a hirmaa health insurance fund?


More benefits back to members

hirmaa member funds are distinguished by their value-based business model as member-owned not-for profit and community based, which sees close to 90 per cent of all premiums returned to members in benefits.

Competitive premiums

hirmaa member funds offer various levels of health insurance at highly competitive premiums with optimised benefit entitlements and have proven their capacity to tangibly grow their membership numbers year after year.

Higher satisfaction rates

hirmaa insurers consistently outperform the big for-profits across most key indicators including lower premium rises, higher retention rates and faster than industry average membership growth. hirmaa member-fund policyholders consistently receive satisfaction rates among their policyholders of 97 per cent or higher.

Smaller increases to premiums compared to for-profit funds

Between 2010 and 2015, hirmaa funds averaged a premium increase of 5.14 per cent compared to for-profit funds’ increases averaging 5.51 per cent.

More benefits go back to members

hirmaa insurers deliberately operate lean, yet prudent margins in order to pay higher benefits back to members. hirmaa funds averaged a net profit margin of 4.5 per cent in 2013/14 compared to more than 5.3 per cent among the big 3 for-profit funds.

Members Funds

Collectively, hirmaa funds represent over 1 million Australians with private health insurance.

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